Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Number 9


So this week I didn't loose any weight... but I didn't put on either! YEY! I had 2 days this week where I felt I over ate, I still had the super healthy food but I felt that I ate to much - my portions crept up on me. I also haven't been out waking the dogs as much as my cold is still horrendous so all in all I am very happy!
I did make my dad's, now famous, stew - it didn't taste as nice as his, but crikey it hit the spot! I even have enough left for lunch, and all 4 boys loved it too!!

So again I am beaming with pride at my 7 year old Michael. On the weekend he managed to play in 2 games of rugby and scored a try!! Woop! Then in school they had the Clunderwen area eisteddfod and he represented the school in the singing competition singing - 'Siom'. He was wonderful, note perfect and on the beat. I thought he deserved to place, but alas it was not to be. He was, however, amazing and I even have the video to share with you :) Also as a side note a quick well done to 2 of my friends daughters that sang the same song for their schools - they were also brilliant!!

Cute right?!

So I am still making progress on Morgan's birthday cake, I am currently working on Ben Elf and Team Umizoomi. I have finished the Peppa Pig family and Princess Holly :) Now if you haven't got children that will all sound very very odd to you, but I can assure you that these are real characters! If I have time tonight I may even make Wilson the Chuggington train - heehee fun filled evening ahead!

On the weekend my car went in for an MOT at our local Kwik-fit centre, now to say it failed is an understatement! The examiner was sooooo picky! I know they have to be, it's their job, but I have never know anyone fail a car because the indicators are slightly different shades of orange, or that the passenger windscreen wiper smears slightly by the bottom of the screen... ARGH! It failed on a break leak which is fair enough , which brings me to how wonderful my husband is. It amazes me that he can turn his hand to anything. He is a fully qualified builder and has no experience when it comes to repairing cars (other than watching his father for years fixing all the family ones and the numerous racing cars that were being used at the time), so to save us the extortionate £300+ fee to have the work done there, we purchased all the parts (thanks to my brother in law's brilliant discount) and he is steadily repairing it. I mean, I could take one look at it and have absolutely no idea, but he just takes it in his stride! I am so proud of him for being able to save us all that extra money! Thanks Babes :) Finger's crossed it will pass now on Tuesday...

Well today I have been craving every possible unhealthy food imaginable. I'm not sure why, but I want to eat everything, even things I don't like! Hehe. You'll be pleased to hear however that I stuck to my diet, and while my hubby had kebab, chips and scampi, I had grilled chicken and mushroom rice. I did treat myself to clear: right; float: right; margin-bottom: 1Pockmargin-left: 1em; text-align: r and let me tell you - MMM!!! They hit the spot and were so much better for me than a packet of dark chocolate digestives.

I visited a friend today (he has just bought his first home with his fiancĂ©e) and it made me want to do some more D.I.Y. Rob's and I made good headway on the house a few months back,we completely re-did the living room and purchased all the bits to finished the kitchen, bathroom and our bedroom, but we both got super busy and it kind of went on stop, so I am planning to make a schedule to finish the rest of the house and restore some order! I do need to crack on with the housework though to make sure we aren't cluttered whilst D.I.Y-ing. I'm still not great at that yet - tomorrow I promise I am going to clean the bathroom from top to bottom, and do 3 loads of washing :) 

To end I would like to share some pictures of Michael playing rugby this weekend...

Catch you next time!

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