Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Number 10

Hey y'all :)

Let's get straight into it, shall we?!

When I was younger I was always performing in something or other - school plays, concerts, choir performances, eisteddfods and god only knows what else (I remember once having to be a seal and flap about on the floor for a performance art piece... um - WHAT?). 

My mum encouraged, supported and took me to everything, always sat diligently in the many boring audiences, never complaining, and like most of the other parents took hundreds of pictures - mainly for bribery purposes I'm sure. I love to look at them, seeing all the hilarious and embarrassing costumes, remembering the fun and laughter I shared with my friends. My children and family also enjoy looking at them, and taking the mickey, as do our new friends and the old ones that I made the memories with.

The point I am getting at (see I did have one) is that my childhood wasn't censored!

Shouldn't I have second thoughts about posting pictures of my boys?  About sharing the images with strangers? Shouldn't I be more protective?

I have asked myself these questions over and over.

But I am yet to come up with an answer that comprehensively answers these questions, it's not as simple as it looks. But at the same time I haven't stopped me sharing photos of my gorgeous little ones. This is because regardless of all the unanswered questions, I can say with every fibre of my being that I know I am acting within reasonable bounds of care when I share my children with the world. I want to share with you now, why? Why do I post them for the world to see?

I want to evoke the 'punctum' from my pictures. Now I know most of you will have no idea what that is (neither did I when I stated writing), it can be the new thing we learn today, but if you already knew then kudos!

"Robert Barthes, the French theorist, studied many things in his life, one being photography. He distinguished between the studium elements of a photograph that provoke an interpretive (cultural, social, political) response – and the punctum of a photograph – the element of a photograph that punctures, or wounds. The punctum, in other words, provokes an emotional response in the viewer by establishing a direct relationship between the viewer and the subject of the photograph"
Taken from the blog : Her Bad Mother

The punctum sum's up so well why I share, I want you to feel it from my images, the same way I do with yours.

When I look at your photographs I see them the same as you do - your child through your eyes, and I am punctured by that moment, that fleeting moment - of connection. I then feel that I understand you, as I understand your love for your child. We then share that experience of inexplicable, intense love. I want to share my own experience of that love and so - I share my pictures.

I do not profess to be a great photographer, nor do I own a super duper camera. it is simply me, my iPhone/webcam/adopted digital camera and my family. I take photos for memories, for happiness, for poignancy. I take them to make myself feel better on a bad day, or to remind me of what I have and that they are mine, forever. I take them for you, to show you the wonders that I can't do justice with words. 

I want your heart to fill with joy and happiness, the same as Michael felt when he finally became the big brother. 

I want my photos to help you remember the moments you have had with your family - every bubble bath hair-do, every ice-cream smile every momentous first.our own love forograr children.

I hope that you'll see my children through my eyes, know my love for them and recognise it as your own love for your children.

I want you to be punctured!

That felt so good to say. 

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