Sunday, 25 March 2012

Number 14

Isn't this sunshine simply beautiful, inspiring, happiness creating and well overdue? It just makes everything feel better in my eyes - long may it continue this summer as I need to absorb some much needed vitamin d and sped as many hours as possible making memories for my children! Now onto Number 14.

I love to create!

It is so pleasurable to create something with your own hands instead of buying it. I don't do nearly enough and I have so many ideas in my head that are dying to be created!

Starting this week I  am ploughing all my energy into making my home perfect once again. As I have said previously I have let it go somewhat, as my concentration dwindles but I am feeling positive, happy and the sunshine has inspired me to get on with it! So tomorrow marks the start of a new routine fo me...

I am aiming to do as much housework as humanly possible between the hours of 9:00am and 2:30pm, including sorting, organising and de-cluttering the following rooms:

My bathroom is about a quarter of the way through it's transformation - we have yet to replace the floor, box in the pipes, replace the bath panel, put up the blind and install the cabinet with the new sink. As soon as this is done I am positive it will look amazing. We have already painted it, changed the toilet and added some accessories to brighten it up. Unfortunately I have absolutely NO IDEA how to do any of the jobs that are left so it comes down to when my extremely busy husband can do it for me... A challenge for next weekend I think! I will be of some use to this particular room this week though, as I am going to clean and de-clutter ready for the changes, and to make it easier for Rob's to complete.

My kitchen is in a similar state. There is a wall that needs wallpapering, a sink, cupboard and woktop to purchase and install and accessories to add. I have already managed to add some accessories, we have installed the new blind, hung a new canvas, installed new cupboard doors and handles and placed 2 new worktop. I know I am really good at shopping so I can purchase a cupboard, worktop and sink without to much bother - but the installation of them is another matter - maybe a job for Rob for the following weekend! I think I may try my hand at wallpapering though, I have watched Robs do it a few times so I am going to try it net week - but tomorrow I can make a start by de-cluttering and having a ruddy good clean in their to enable us to work in a clean space over the next 2 weeks.

Our living room is almost finished, it needs a final de-clutter which I will do tomorrow - the building supplies for upstairs need to be moved up there (hopefully to spur us on to actually do the work) - I need to purchase a mirror and make photograph print canvases for one of the walls, a general clean and hey presto finished. Before Christmas we wallpapered and changed the furniture and accessories, hung canvases, added a blind, a rug and changed the layout around so it really is looking wonderful. 

Hallway, stairs and landing, now they are a slight bone of contention as Robs and I can't agree on what to do - however we have re painted, hung beautiful photographs from Karol Gos Photography, installed a blind on the upper window. I do need to sort out all the shoes from under the stairs and also the paperwork/shelves section too. I would love to change the floor to oak effect laminate (our carpet is worn out), I also wan to get rid of our current storage - shelves and piling shoes on top of each other under the stairs - to removable cupboard storage on canasters like these. But until we have done the rest of the house I think I will simply do all my spring cleaning and then when we get to it I will bat my eyelashes, squeeze his bum and tell him we are having that storage! hehehe :) 

I intend also to spend a little while every day making some items for the house myself instead of buying - I have home-made canvases to make fr the living room and bathroom, I want to create some gorgeous wedding presents for friends of mine celebrating their nuptials this year, I want to start on the MANY projects that I want to do for the boys bedroom, but above all else I just want to finish making the house feel as homely as possible. I will be super mum!

This weekend was spent as a family, and it was so nice to not have to worry about appointments, or clubs, or sports. After a brief visit to Laugharne for a friend of mine, we spent the Saturday in St Davids, at Whitesands beach and exploring the historical Bishops Palace and St David's Cathedral. 

The boys loved walking around, looking at the tombs, and learning all about it, they were also very proud to know that that was where Daddy had had his graduation ceremony in 2008 and his prize giving (Apprentice of the Year) two years previous. 

Sunday was then spent clearing and sorting the gardn (it looks so much better now) and then we had a well deserved BBQ. We ended the day with fun at the park as a family, me teaching Mathew how to play badminton and tennis, Michael playing football with his daddy and all of us taking it in turns to play with Morgan on the slides, swings and various climbing frames, and we ended there with a family game of football. We haven't spent such a lovely afternoon/evening like that for some time and I must say the sunshine brought the best of us out and it was truly lovely.

So as you can see I have a pretty busy week ahead and I have a weigh day tomorrow (should go well I have done lots of exercise and eaten well - although I did treat myself to a small vanilla ice cream on the Saturday), so I am also looking forward to that!

Oh and I haven't even begun to tell you about the boys bedroom and ours... Well I will, but concentration is going to the areas most seen first... LOL

Thanks for reading again lovelies.

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