Sunday, 26 August 2012

Number One - I'm Lazy And I Know It!

Number 32 :

Let's begin again shall we?

I need to apologize for completely abandoning you all since the end of May, yes it has been that long and yes I know I'm awful. I have no real reasons other than I have been reading on my kindle lots, had a broken laptop and have been wallowing a little. A lot. But I'm here now so you can stop complaining, heehee.

My oldest son Mathew was ten this week and all he wanted for his birthday was a laptop, so being the fabulously cool mummy I am (in my head at least) I saved up and got him a brilliant blue,amazing spec Asus Laptop. He loves it, as do I, and when he is in bed at night I get to use it. I didn't buy it secretly for me... honest, it's what he wanted... just an added bonus that it's what I wanted too!

I've commandeered it this evening and decided to get back on the proverbial 'horse' as it were, and start again. Not much has changed since I started but I feel a little like I have. My mental-ness has been up and down over the last few months, and I think I even had a mini breakthrough - I decided I could take it upon myself, as I had already missed two day worth of tablets, that I could go without. I lasted five days and had a meltdown. Robs ended up having to convince me that I wasn't crazy (I was a blubbering, winging mess) and I started them again, and am pleased to say I haven't missed any for the last month - go me! It's nice to celebrate the little things - like mental illness! LOL!

In my continued quest to be the coolest mum on the planet, or at least in my house, I planned a super birthday for my oldest. His birthday is in the middle of the summer break so I always make sure I plan his party for as soon as they break up from school as possible. This year to celebrate the milestone of double figures, we took him and six of his best friends out for the day - laser tag, play zone and indoor water park - and then we let them all sleepover and camp out downstairs with the unlimited use of the sky-TV and the Xbox360. Cool hey? But then this week I planned his actual birthday, now normally I would get him plenty of little presents (fun to open) and one larger more expensive gift, but this year the laptop was so costly that it is all he had from us, apart from a Lego sticker book from his brothers, so I needed to make sure the excitement built up for him before he opened it. A treasure hunt ensued with slightly cryptic clues (for a ten year old) and running all over the house to find his prize. I got the desired effect when he unwrapped it saw what it was and just kept saying 'Oh. My. God' over and over, with big smiles and then lots of thank you's. That moment made saving hard all worth it.

The summer break has been going OK - I have struggled a little with no having a break from the monkeys (yes we mums do need a break to remain sane!) but thankfully this weekend I was able to have 24 hours with just my hubby for company. We chilled, we laughed, we ate Chinese - it was perfect. Nothing like greasy food to relax you a little. So I will leave it there but will be back, promise, no really... and I am busily putting ideas together for a future project so will have more to talk to you about soon.

Chow for now!