Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Number Twelve - We Are Fa-mi-ly!

Evening :) :) 

So it's update time again - and this time it's all about my family... wait, it's always about them? Oh! Well, that's because they are fabulous!! heeheehee.

This weekend I finally got to meet my sister, her mum, two nephews and sister in law. It was awesome - I loved every single second of it, and it was all well worth the travelling up to Manchester to make it happen.

I started off Saturday morning on the 280 mile journey, loving every second of getting closer and closer to where my sister Carol lives. I eventually got off the motorway and traveled to her little village - it was absolutely beautiful, all the houses were red brick and white wash, lots of trees, fields and I even had to stop for sheep to cross! Not what I expected at all.  Her house was absolutely beautiful, and we sat in a little half sitting room off her dining room with a gorgeous log burner keeping us warm, and her lovely mum was with us too.

I took a big pack of photos up with me and we spent a good hour going through them and talking all about our childhoods, and then generally about all sorts of stuff. We got on like a house on fire and made each other laugh lots. I met my nephew Andrew - gorgeous looking lad, who like Mathew is less into sorts and more into music, and then got to see lots of photos of when all three of them were small - Daniel the youngest and my Mathew are so similar! Alas I didn't get to meet Dan or Matt as they were at the Manchester City match with their dad - not that I minded, and their team won, so a bonus! Her mum took piccies of us, and I've had no end of comments from people saying about the resemblance - same chin, eye position, nose - I just wish I had her figure!! :D I had planned to stay for an hour but we were enjoying so much I ended up staying for two and a half!

We have said we will keep in contact and intend to meet again soon - I am already so looking forward it is unbelievable  I loved every second with her, and however surreal the whole situation is, I 'm so grateful to have her, and my extended family in my life now.

Off to Denton after the fun of meeting Carol and time to meet my nephew Lee and his lovely mum Donna. Lee and Donna made me feel so welcome, they fed me, showed me lots of pictures of my brother, and of Lee when he was little (sooooo cute). We chatted for around five hours the first evening, and it felt as if we had always been family. They are such lovely people. I took Lee up his Christmas presents early (he is an avid scooterer) so he could get some use from them now, and the lovely happy look and hug I got for it was well worth taking it up early.

Almost midnight and I decided to off to the hotel (long day) and get some beauty sleep, but before that picture time again, and crikey Lee and I are so alike! If I was a boy I think I would look just like Lee! lol - did I mention I traveled by myself? Meaning I had a double bed, that was ridiculously comfy, all to myself, the TV all to myself and a McDonalds and Tesco right next door - perfection!

Breakfast came at 10:30 (heehee LIE IN!) at Lee and Donna's - Donna made me an absolutely awesome fry-up, so lush in fact that I was full until 5:30pm! An absolutely unexpected treat. Monopoly time next - Lee and I had arranged that we were going to play together as we both love it, and that I would beat him as I am the best... two hours later and lee completely demolished me, took all my property, my money and ended up owning almost all of the board! Needless to say next time I need to be more careful on my investments, and not let him get Park Lane and Mayfair at the beginning!!

Poor Donna felt poorly that afternoon so instead of dragging her into Stockport with us, I asked if I could take my nephew by myself, so she could have a break and put her feet up for a little bit. She agreed and off we went! Shopping was fab, Lee got bought another part for his scooter , a cute beanie hat and a dinosaur onesie - his choice :) - and I managed to get three onsies for my boys, all matching - so cute, and crikey so cheap!! Who knew??

By four I was starting to feel shattered so decided to take lee back (not before buying flowers for Donna for looking after me so well), for hugs and kisses all round and make my way home to see my awesome little family.

I'm so unbelievably grateful to Donna for being such a lovely host, and feeding me up! She is a wonderful mum to Lee and I look forward to when we get to meet again, hopefully very soon! Lee is such a sweet thirteen year old, full of smiles and chats, lots of love and hugs too. As I was leaving he shouted 'Love You' which really made my weekend complete.

I have a family everyone - a wonderful, large,kind, generous and happy family. Amaze-balls!
I couldn't be happier, and look forward to the future with so much more gusto now - thanks to all of you for supporting me too, it has been a tough old road finding out all this info, and making contact for the first time with new family, but finally it is all falling into place.

I'll update again soon - promise - but for now, be kind to one another, hug your loved ones, and keep in touch no matter how busy you are!
Lots of love