Sunday, 11 March 2012

Number 8

Continuing form yesterday...

Morgan's birthday party is going to be lovely, but as it's on his actual birthday I have decided that afterwards we need to do something special too - so I have decided to take my boys down to the beach for fish and chips paddling and making sandcastles.

When I was a little girl we used to holiday in Tenby from Birmingham, and it still remains one of my favourite places even though now it's only 20 minutes away! Every time I go it rekindles my love of it - horse and carriage rides, Fecci's ice-cream, Bali Hai Cafe, The Esplanade, three beautiful beaches, lovely gift shops. It makes me happy just thinking about it! I even had the privilege of working in Tenby for a year which I can honestly say was one of the best experiences of my life, especially when I was on the early shifts and I was able to watch the sun come up over south beach and St Catherine's island. Absolutely beautiful.

Sunrise in the winter months on the Tenby  Esplanade

My brain is full of memories from here - and I love making new ones with my boys - I hope the weather will be sunny so we can have a lovely afternoon on Mo's birthday! Making birthday's special for my boys stems from my mum doing it for me - they were always so lovely. She also always made my birthday cake's, I always wanted to make them like she did, and now I do :) I hope my boys follow in our artistic tenancies and want to have the same traditions as I did. Family is so important!!

So I mentioned the other day that I was trying to combine everything (housework, good mum, diet, friends) well I can't report that I have managed to do it all yet. The diet is still going really well thankfully and I am still super determined but the cleaning is taking a back seat again. It frustrates me greatly as I sit on the sofa and want to get up and do it but, just, can't! I even make lists and gee myself up to do it, but alas I still can't. I put it down to the depression but gosh it's frustrating!! I wish I could wave a magic and and have everywhere spick and span. I think I need to adopt the attitude 'One Day At A Time' but it's easier said than done - I want it all done now! heehee. So I am going to set myself little challenges everyday in the hope that I can get back into it. Today for example I am going to do the kitchen counters and the kitchen table. Why don't you do it with me? I won't feel so alone then, LOL. Also if you are more organised than I or have more motivation there is a wonderful blog / facebook / etsy shop called Clean Mama and every day she gives you one thing to do to maintain a clean and tidy house - she's fab, so go check her out!.

I will also be starting to make the 3D components for Morgan's birthday cake this evening - I'm really excited to get started! Tomorrow is weigh day too so fingers crossed for a loss this week - I have been good, promise!

Right off I go to the kitchen...


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