Sunday, 16 September 2012

Number Seven - A First For Mathew

Hi Y'all!

I may have mentioned once or twice about Uncle Jeff and Auntie Mary in the last few blogs (not annoying at all though right?!) so have decided to focus on some other things for this post.

(No I am not just trying to keep my mind off the fact that UNCLE JEFF is coming to see me next week!)

Friday marked the return of the weary traveler - otherwise knows as my oldest son Mathew - who came home after a week away with the school at the Pembrokeshire Adventure Center in Pembroke Dock, where he told me they did - kayaking, canoeing, coasteering, speed boating, green gym exercise, zip lines, sailing, blind trekking, party and a disco! I want to go too next time!

He was in such a good mood when he got off the bus, he ran up towards me for a big hug (unexpected as he's now ten and only hugs when his friends can;t see him) which I loved, and then was crowded around by his friends; all asking him at once if he was going to tell me...

Tell me what?

He blushed a little and then said 'yeah I will,later, or you can if you want' gesturing to his friends. In unison they chirped 'MATHEW HAS A GIRLFRIEND!' - well I wasn't expecting that! He hasn't had one before and has never really shown any interest in them other than to chase them around th school yard. So he is super grown up no with a girlfriend called Annie; she is a lovely girl who he's known since he was three, and her mum is fab too. 

Math said there was only one downside to the trip and that was one of the other girls - she said horrid words to him the whole time, upset his girlfriend by telling her he had dumped her, swore loads, pushed people about and then to top it off on the last day she threw Mathew's camera into the sea on purpose - yeah, horrid right? Mathew managed to get his camera back but only a couple of the twenty photos came out, so a complete waste. 

Anyhoo - he had a wonderful time and even came home clean believe it or not, with freshly brushed teeth! A small triumph but non the less an important one - I know he can look after himself, and my constant nagging is working! :D

Saturday I spent all day cleaning - I managed to completely clean and sort the front room and hallway - an Autumn 'Spring' Clean if you will. It's so nice walking into the house seeing it tidy and more importantly sorted - no piles of paperwork or toys that need taking back upstairs, and no dust bunnies making an appearance. Michael my middle son went and had a sleepover at his friend Yori's so it was just the four of us last night - we treated ourselves to takeaway and Doctor Who on telly. Robs worked all day at his best friend renovation so it was nice to just chill out and veg in front of the telly with him.

Sunday's here and we've put up three batman Lego canvases, a notice board (that we've pinned some memories on for the boys), a shelf for Michael's trophies and a London 2012 paralympic/olympic poster (homemade) on the wall. A busy one I think you'll agree - and the boys room looks super now - only one window reveal, one wall to paint, and a beanbag to purchase and we are completely done! Finished! Re-decoration of the boys room complete! Can you tell I'm excited? I promise to show you piccies once it's done.

My uncle Jeff text as I was writing the last paragraph and unfortunately is too busy to come down for two days, but fear not peoples - we are meeting half way on Sunday (7 days and counting), Uncle Jeff is going to e-mail me tonight to confirm everything so I will be able to update you a bit more in the week.

So much for me not talking about Uncle Jeff eh! HA!

Oh and in-case I forget in the next post I need to wish my awesome sister in law and best friend Elin, and her family Tricky, Sion and Owain, a safe flight this coming weekend; they are off on their jollies - I'll miss you and I know you'll have lots of fun! :D

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend  and thanks for reading!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Number Six - Birthday Bonanza

Hi all, 

Yesterday was Mr J's birthday, and unfortunately he had to spend it in work but the brief time we had in the morning and evening together I tried to make as special as possible.

I woke him up to bacon sandwiches and a homemade latte before he went to work (this may not seem like a big deal but I hate getting up early and had to get up at 6:00am to do it), I made him a lunch, but only a small one as I knew he was working close to McDonald's so I gave him £10 to go and treat himself to whatever he fancied.

After he had gone I then took to twitter to try and get some celebs to tweet birthday messages to him, I managed to get quite a few, well five.

Paul Daniels (the magician) tweeted: HB2U Rob :)
Nigel Owens (best rugby referee ever) tweeted: Hey Rob I hear it's your birthday, have a great day and best wishes
Bill Goldberg (robs favorite US wrestler) tweeted: Happy Birthday Rob
Rhian 'Madam Rygbi' Davies (welsh rugby reporter on the Jonathon Show) Tweeted: 'Penblwydd Hapus Robs!!! Gobeithio ges ti diwrnod awesome!!! :D xxx'
which translates as: Happy Birthday Robs!!! Hope you had an awesome Day!!! :D xxx
Gareth Thomas (ex international rugby player for Wales, the Lions and Cardiff Blues) tweeted: Happy Birthday!!

I think this cements my status as the best wife ever! Heehee.

Pressie wise this year the hubster needed new trowels, so I got those and then decided to get him something he didn't need but would want - that's what birthday's are for after all! I managed to get my hands on two front row center tickets for the Scarlet's (his team) Vs Ospreys Rugby match on the 21st of September :) Needless to say he was super chuffed! I had arranged also for Mathew to phone him on his birthday - he's still at camp - but unfortunately the call never came :( I'm just hoping it's because he forgot rather than them not letting him, he'd be sad then!

When he came home I had his fav supper ready - Chicken Enchiladas - and I had baked his favourite cake - Pineapple Upside Down Cake (normal sponge recipe but in the tray grease it and cover with a layer of soft brown sugar, then pineapple rings and top with the mix), we watched a movie and then as a treat in bed i made him a bowl of cereal - the ultimate luxury according to him! heehee. Little things eh!


P.S Congratulations to Robert's Uncle Dorian and his fiancee Sarah - they have set a date and are getting married next year! 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Number Two - New Moon Rising

Happy Sunday everyone!

I have had a lovely weekend filled with frivolity and laughter - on Saturday my awesome sister in law had my three boys for a sleepover so robs and i were left to our own devices for twenty four hours ;) 
To make sure I made the most of it my first port of call was a nap - hehehe yes clearly I am getting old, but then after watching the rugby (Scarlet's won their first game of the season - YES!!!) and having supper we decided to go to the beach for a late night walk. 

It was so beautiful and peaceful down at South Beach, Tenby. The weather was good and not too cold, the moon was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds, and when it appeared was so bright it cast our shadows over the sand, it was amazing. There were a couple of fishermen at the closest end of the beach but we decided to walk the entire length of it (it's about a mile-ish I think).

We had a lovely time walking and talking, and were discussing our buckets lists. Here are some of mine:

Swim in a cage with a great white shark
Visit Stone Henge
Spend a week in every state in America
Go on an African Safari
Complete a skydive
Be debt free
Throw a three darts at a map of the world and travel to wherever they take me 
Become a published writer
Skinny Dip
Visit Beijing water park with my boys
Go on a husky sled ride through the snow
See the Aurora Borealis
Ride an elephant in India
Overcome my depression
Hold up the leaning tower of Pisa
Camp out on a beach and watch the sunrise
Set foot on all seven continents
Spend a new years eve in Times Square watching the ball drop
Kiss my husband under the Eiffel Tower
Watch baby sea turtles hatch in Tortuguero 
Watch a a drive in movie in convertible car.
Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef
Have my own cake business 
Pull/break a fire alarm
Have a wedding anniversary party in Las Vegas hosted by Elvis
Visit Abby Road Studios and recreate the Beatles cover
Run a marathon
Ride in a hot air balloon
Walk over the Sydney Harbor Bridge
Get a tattoo
Volunteer for three months with the red cross in Africa
Own every Disney movie on DVD
Go to a movie premier and watch the stars walk down the red carpet
Live in London for at least six months
Learn to do a cartwheel
Celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary
Send a present to a serving soldier
Spend the night in the ice hotel
Attach a padlock to the lovers bridge in Paris
Add a piece of chewing gum to the wall in Seattle
Create graffiti art in the London Graffiti Tunnel
Learn to swing dance 
Go to a music festival
Do the lift scene from dirty dancing in a lake
Go to comic-con
Own a first edition of a book I love
Swim in a roof top swimming pool

Now that is just a snippet of some of the things I will be doing before I 'Kick the Bucket', and I can honestly say I can't wait to take some more off it, I've already completed a couple (the highlighted ones), one of which was last night... can you guess which one? Let's just say that there were three full moons on the beach last night.

Right I'm off again now, watching the paralympics and loving every single minute - Michael is desperate to be a paralympian, bless him, after watching the other super humans competing in their races. 2016/2020 watch out!! 

Take care lovelies