Thursday, 23 February 2012

Number 3


So, to make my third blog post I thought I would share 3 of my favourite things with you...
Now the obvious things to say are Mathew, Michael and Morgan - I love my 3 boys more than anything, but they are not the focus of my blog today (however they do show that good things come in 3's! hehe)

The wonderful Ellen

I'm not sure if you all watch it (in the UK it's on Really at 4:00pm every week day) but I honestly think you should - it should be compulsory viewing, like your 5 a day! This talk show is so brilliant. Ellen is funny, heart warming and her values are what everyone should live by. She is completely selfless and helps so many people it's unreal! I laugh and cry along with her audience most days and have even been known to dance along with her top of the show dance (don't tell anyone!!). Above all else she makes me happy and want to be a better person - that is why I love her. This also leads on nicely to...

The gorgeous Rosie and Sophia-Grace
These two gorgeous little girls are from Essex, England and rose to stardom on YouTube after their mum uploaded them singing and dancing (OMG what a voice for an 8 year old) to a Nicki Minaj song. Ellen flew them out to LA after seeing the video and they have been world famous ever since. They are unbelievably cute and every time I see them on the show they make me so happy! So far they have had over 100 million views on YouTube! Ellen invited them to be her red carpet correspondent's at the Grammy's and the American Music Awards, and even more amazing - the stars were excited to see them and knew who they were! Enjoy their cuteness!

A set I created for spring
3. Polyvore
This is a website I discovered a few months ago and have been addicted to ever since (It has felt like my own little secret so be pleased I am sharing this with you! heehee). This site makes me feel like a fashionista! When you click on create you can access every single website (home-wears included) and create your own going out outfit, or party outfit, or date outfit ( I could go on...). You can use their resources to create your style from the underwear to the accessories - It is a girl's best friend! Once you have created your images you can share them on many other sites. You can also follow some of the biggest names in fashion and get hints and tips on their style. Trust me once you have created your first outfit you will never shop in the same way again!!

I hope you have like me 3 things, please feel free to comment with yours!

Finally before I sign off on post number 3, I would just like to say that it is National Banana Bread day - yes it is a real thing, and so I thought I would share with you my favourite banana cake recipe and the blog that informed me of this day (not that I need another excuse to make cake!)

My 'One slice isn't enough!' Banana Cake - 
(This should make a good 7" tin cake)

10ounces of self raising flour, sieved
8ounces of cooking margarine (or butter cut into small cubes if you want it to be truly scrumptious)
4 eggs, beaten
8ounces of golden caster sugar (normal is fine if you can't get it)
2 extremely ripe banana's, mashed to a pulp

1. Pre heat your oven to 180deg (160 fan assisted).
2a). If you have a mixer (Kenwood, food processor, Magi-mix etc.) - add all the ingredients into the bowl and mix slowly, using a last lick on the edges every now and then to make sure all the ingredients has been included.
2b). If you haven't got a mixer - add the sugar then the butter into a bowl and mix with a spoon or your hands until all combined. Then add the flour bit by bit and mix to incorporate. Add the beaten egg and mix thoroughly. Finally add the mashed banana, and mix for the final time.
3. Pour into a 7" non stick and greased or greased and lined tin. 
4. Tap the base of the tin on your wok surface to release any air pockets then place in your oven for around 30 minutes, but use your judgement - if you prick it with a cocktail stick and it comes out clean then it's ready.
5. Put your feet up with a nice cup of tea and enjoy a slice... and another... and, well you can see how I'm now having to eat healthily!! :D

MMM I    banana cake!

The fabulous website I mentioned is Buns In My Oven and she has many, many more banana recipe's for you all to enjoy.
Chow for now!
:) x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Number 2

I'm back!

Well let me just welcome you to my second blog post - that's right, I didn't flake out after the first one! heehee!

I have been super busy since my last entry so here's just a little recap:

Local Hero Awards Dinner
Half Term
School Projects
Birthday Parties

See I said I had been busy! Well as it happens today is my mum's birthday - here she is...

Mum with my youngest Morgan
(He broke his arm falling off a trampoline last year! Bless him!)

Now I normally make her a cake and give her pressies but this year I thought we would surprise her Mo we decided to draw around him and then have him paint the pin

In case you were wondering, I am also doing really well with my healthy eating - since I started I have dy where, once lifted, you could see organs, bones or muscle(only 6-7 however, o justify;"> So back to blogging, My boys had the task of each having to make a project this last few weeks about the human body, to show they had been listening in class, so my days were filled with me trawling pinterest and google for ideas. I thought I would share with you what we ended up doing, just in case you come up with the same situation!

For my youngest son Mo we decided to draw around him and then have v>

My oldest Mathew we did something a little different. Do you remember making folded paper chain men when you were younger? Well using A4 paper stuck together 5 times we made a man paper chain. On each man we dissected further into the man, so it went like this: skin (as we look now), muscles, organs, bones and then a page for all the information onjustify;">
Finally for today I need to share 2 fabulous blogs I found! I have since made a household organisation file, sorted my budgets and discovered money envelopes using the wonderful information from these two lovely ladies.

The first is: A Bowl Full Of Lemons - the wonderful lady that writes this blog makes me want to be  so much more orgao what I am using as my main tool for the job...

Finally for today I need to share 2 fabulous blogs I found! I have since made a household organisation file, sorted my budgets and discovered money envelopes using the wonderful information from these two lovely ladies.

The first is: A Bowl Full Of Lemons - the wonderful lady that writes this blog makes me want to be  so much more organised, and she makes it look so easy! She has step by step challenges/projects for us to all follow and loads of other things too!
Through this blog I found this one: Clean Mama - she is striving to have the cleanest most organised house in the world, and by golly she is doing it! On her blog are her free printable's and links to many of her others that are available through her Etsy shop - I ha 2 sets, they are gorgeous and so useful!

Right, I best be off. I have to go onto my son's moshi monsters account as he isn't here tonight to do it, to collect his daily free rox - yes that's right, I am the best mum in the world! heehee :) 


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Number 1

Welcome to my blog!

I am quite new to this, well writing one. I follow lots and love to read what others have been doing and are enjoying! You could say I am a voyeur of blogs... until now :)

So, 48 hours ago (roughly), I had an appointment at the doctors to have the dreaded yearly 'lady test', well this turned into a full blown health MOT by my lovely nurse and resulted in discovering a few problems that may start affecting me badly if not fixed.

Time for a change!

Here we all are - Me, Plus Six!
e="text-ali"font-family: My husband and I

My husband and I

Morgan, Mathew and Michael


Fudge and Donut

All this busy-ness has lead to me not really eating very well, snacking on rubbish, not exercising regularly, not getting enough sleep and generally being a lazy chocolate eating lump!

So I am changing, all be it slowly, for the better. I thought I would document this change, as well as showing you all about my life and loves through this blog. So hold on to your hats, I don't think it's going to be completely plain sailing, but I can assure you there will be laughter, fun, info and gorgeous pictures of my kids and dogs so make sure you keep you checking back!