Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Number 15

My devoted readers...
It was weigh day yesterday and I am pleased to report that I lost a further 1.5lbs :) YEY! 18.5 In total, and stepping ever nearer to loosing 10% of my total body weight. I hope the doctor will be pleased with me and that my health problems will have reduced!

So the sun is still shining here and I am trying to make the most of it by spending as much time with the boys outside in it as possible. I played Kirby and basketball with Michael yesterday (my sporty son) which was so much fun and so nice to have one on one time with him and hear his infectious giggle! The boys all have swimming this evening after school so I will be there watching there strokes and reading on my kindle (If you haven't got one - go and treat yourself!).
I have discovered something about myself this last two weeks which I want to share - even if you think it's daft - well I am known as a very picky eater, I have got better over the years and now eat a much wider varied diet that I ever have before, but I have never been a fan of salad. I know, I am healthy eating and what better to bulk up my plate that with fresh salad, but it's not for me... That being said I have a terrible bad habit of saying I don't like something without actually trying it, yes like a 5 year old. Heehee. So on Mother’s day we went out for a lovely lunch and I ordered a honey and mustard chicken wrap - now it came with two items inside and with it which I wasn't anticipating, it had raw red onion and lettuce, neither of which I have eaten and liked before, I immediately looked at robs and explained that I couldn't eat it, to which he simply gave me a look of you have never tried it (I get that look a lot!)... now I was completely prepared to spit it out across the restaurant, but what entered my mouth was so tasty, and more-ish, and wonderful that I ate the whole lot AND finished before Rob and my children (something that never happens, they eat like hoovers) - so I discovered that I like lettuce, and not just iceberg but all types, and raw onion, who knew? - The past 2 days I have had a side salad on my plate with my supper - I am so healthy now! Heehee. I have yet to have the raw onion again but I intend to make fajitas tonight and will have it in them (and a side salad of course) - I'll keep you posted on my salad developments!

Now onto today's post subject...

I get so much positive feedback from my blog; it makes me want to write and share more! I am thoroughly enjoying doing it, and as things happen in my life I have noticed that I now store them in the vastness of my brain and categorize them for when I'm next blogging - noting side-line stories, feelings, locations and details to truly give you an insight into my life. 

I have been told by a few different people now that I should be writing as a job (whether they were simply being polite is yet to be seen) as a journalist, or column writer - a few have even said I should write a book. Well this all got me thinking about how happy the blog makes me, and the potential for more happiness. I have written a few short stories and some children's ones but never done anything with it. 

I could write an autobiography, I have certainly lived through enough life experiences to write one if not two, even at my young age, but to sum it up it would read... I had a two sided childhood - mum was always happy, dad was always cross - my adult life has had many, MANY up's and downs especially in the last ten years from loss and grief to giving birth to 3 beautiful boys, from having money to having none, from horrid people being the burden of our existence to cutting them out and being all the better for it, getting diagnosed with  depression an gaining weight to making a positive step and trying to lose it and feel better, and from feeling like nothing was ever going to go our way to living the happy ever after regardless. But, it's nothing that people haven't heard before and I think I would rather tell you snippets on here than in a book. It feels more personal to me. I have also found that bookshelves over the last few years have become overcrowded with many books about peoples horrid childhoods, school experiences, jobs and lives in general and I just feel like we should be putting more positive things into the world than that. The past is the past, it should be left there, if you spend to long analysing it and looking back you will miss the now and ultimately affect your future. So an autobiography is not something I want to do anytime soon.

I could write fiction, romance, ghost stories, drama, crime, space adventures, but none of that really gets me pumped and wanting to write. My imagination is vast and ever changing, and more childlike in that it feels like it has infinite possibilities.

It would be amazing to be the next JK Rowling, Jeff Kinney or Roald Dahl - they are so talented, and I have enjoyed reading all their books for myself and my children. However it is more about the little people in my life that I want to write for: my boys, for their friends in school, for my extended family of niece’s nephews and friend's children.

I would love to have a series of children's books published for all the little ones to enjoy, and of course I would make them bilingual. I am quite artistic too and have done lots of drawings of my boys, and other such things as illustrations that could potentially book images. Maybe I will give it a go... There is a fabulous website that allows people to publish their own books, so for now I think I will concentrate on getting a series of children's ones together and trying to get them ready to be viewed by my critics/fans, who certainly aren't afraid to tell me the truth - my children :)  

I have so many ideas floating around in my head of girl and boy themed books, but ideally I would like one that both would enjoy reading or being read. My boys love being read to at bed time, but most of all they love my made up stories. They are stories which encompass versions of them as main characters and including what they have done in the day mostly, but thrown in for good measure are pirates, monsters, witches, fairies, flying cars and a whole manner of other things.  I sometimes think that my imagination is the part of me that hasn't yet grown up! I love to do voices and act out the books for the boys (I must add however that this is not helpful in making them sleepy) so audio books would also be something I would love to do.

So as I leave I hope I have given you another little insight into the mind of me - alas it is overflowing with ideas for everything ad there simply aren't enough hours in the day to complete them all - but I will make time for this, as well as the cleaning, and organising, and decorating, and cooking, and crafting, and exercising... heehee.

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine as much as I, and if not, then when you get home today, take 15 minutes, sit outside in the sun, with a cup of tea, music in the background and just read to yourself. You'll feel so much more refreshed afterwards!

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings!


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