Monday, 5 March 2012

Number 5

Afternoon all :)
Me on the weekend with Donut and Fudge :) 

So weigh day is here and i am pleased to confirm that I lost a further 2lbs this week :) Yey!! I really am so great full to my lovely nurse for setting me straight about my health problems, and how my diet and weight were making me ill! I am on the path to slimdom and I am not going to falter! I have passed my overall 5% goal now too, which means that my health complaints will of started to decrease - YEY again!!

Ok, so to today's post...

I had a mini melt down on the weekend, I suffer with manic depression but am controlling it with tablets, but this weekend wasn't right. I went grocery shopping by myself (oh yes, no children!! hehe) which I would normally love, but I found myself panicking over which food to buy, how much it would cost, & disappointing everyone. Very random I know. I powered through it and managed to complete the shop without running out of there like the roadrunner, but I felt such unease for about an hour afterwards! Luckily I have felt better since, I even managed to do some housework in the kitchen which made me feel better too :) I must say though that I am glad to have less of these panicky episodes, so now when they appear it is such a shock hehe that it almost makes it worse as I am not expecting to feel that way! I hope by telling you this you realise your no alone in your own craziness!! lol.

Now housework - I have never been a domestic goddess (how I wish I was) but before Christmas I managed to keep the entire house clean and tidy for around 2 months!! This for me is a record, but lately I have found my concentration suffering, in part due to the depression, and so concentrating on more than one thing is impossible - e.g: diet and exercise, or mum duties and housework duties - I can't seem to do both! To try and help with this I make lists, spreadsheets, goals but still I seem to be failing when it comes to it! I recently downloaded a housework binder printable from Clean Mama Printable's on Etsy in the hope that it would help, now these are absolutely gorgeous and so helpful but I can't get my head into gear to do it!! I do hope over the next few weeks I manage to claw back the housewife side of me and manages to get the house tidy/clean again! It can't be nice for the boys to have a messy house now can it?!

I have been getting so many questions on my facebook about my diet and how I'm doing it, what I'm doing - so I thought I would share with you a week in my life meal plan - first, you'll need to print off this free planner from here ( is amazing), now here is my completed meal plan :)

I hope this helps guys :)

Finally I just want to share this gorgeous picture of my youngest son Morgan with you - we went to the beach over the weekend and, well, he got covered in sand!! So as a treat I gave him an extra long bath (we normally have quick showers as there are the 3 of them) and this was the result - a new hair style :D

I'll be back again soon, promise!

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