Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Number 6

Fed up of me yet? :D

Today I went for a walk with the gorgeous Donut and Fudge around our local area. I live in one of the most beautiful countries in all the world (in my opinion) and as I walked it was so nice to see the blooming daffodils, primroses and snowdrops that grow wildly all over. As I was looking however my doggies were busily sniffing other dog's poop (I know, I know, disgusting but I have a point) and happily chewing all the rubbish they found along the way (stay with me guys).
This made me feel so cross and frustrated -
Firstly with the mindless owners of the dogs that have fowled and they couldn't be bothered to clear it up.
Secondly with the awful people that think nature is their dumping ground for beer cans, packets, boxes, tins and bottles.
Thirdly to the council for not putting more dog bins and general refuse bins along our gorgeous B roads - where most of us walk our beloved pets.

As I walked I decided that it was up to me to do something about it - If you don't like it - change it, so I came home and purchased this - Silverline Litter Picker. Next time I go on my walk I will be collecting all the rubbish that stupid people throw away, and once I'm done a week later, I will take a photo of all the rubbish and send it to the local paper to see if anyone else thinks that this is acceptable behaviour! I also think a well mannered letter (yes I can be polite) should go with the images to the council, in the hope that they might do something about it. I live almost in the sticks and there is not ONE dog poop bin within a 4 mile radius of where I live - also on the 3 paths I take there isn't a single rubbish bin on the B roads (there is one on our main road and that's it). I may be naive in thinking they will do anything but I will keep trying until we get at least one doggy bin in Llandissilio!

Here are the routes I take:

Together they total 7.5 miles - can you imagine being in a city or large town with only one bin in a 7 mile stretch and No dog bins at all?

I also found this awesome website in America with funny dog fouling signs - here is one that had a free PDF. I'm thinking about printing it out and posting it everywhere!

There are many others on this site which are available to purchase or download free - I urge you to download and print if you can! Make your voice heard! Join in with me and clear up your area - either that or sit back and relax while I do it and you read about it - heehee.
I just hope in some small way I can actually make some sort of a difference.

To end I want to tell you how I was a little proud of myself this evening. We decided to go out to dinner - now this is usually fine as we go to the wonderful Toby Carvery restaurant in Carmarthen. Here I know the menu, I know the food is healthy an the vegetables are steamed. I wanted to try somewhere different though to see if I could manage it on my healthy eating diet. I decided we would go to the Harvester restaurant as I knew most of their menu was flame grilled so healthier than other cooking methods. I was so happy when we got there and read the menu - every item had it's calorific value next to it, which meant I could make an informed choice (I'm not counting kcal's but you can see what's better for you with the lower amounts). They also serve all sauces on the side never on the food which is a bonus, and they have an unlimited salad bar so you can get plenty of fruit and veg. All in all I was very pleased - the food was wonderful and perfectly cooked. I had a baked jacket potato (the only bad point being that they put butter in the middle of it without asking, and it wasn't mentioned on the menu), a grilled chicken breast and garden peas, I also had a portion of bbq sauce on the side. I was so apprehensive before going in, and even reading the menu made me nervous as I wanted so many things that I knew weren't good for me, but I persevered and took the healthy options and crikey I am so glad I did. YEY ME!!

Right, I'll sign off for now and be back soon, oh and hopefully I will of lost some weight again this week! Hope you all are ok.


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