Friday, 18 May 2012

Number 29

Feeling a little like Tom thumb at the moment. Do you remember the verse?
Well he had his hand in plumb pies and I feel very much like I have my hands in many different pies at the moment, so I'm going to get organized! I have completed the crafty bits I wanted to do so they are no longer in the back of my mind bugging me, but I have so many other projects on the go, that need to be completed!

I've been looking back through previous posts to check what I'm supposed to be doing... I think maybe I write to much! Hehe.

1. Finish children's book illustrations
2. Blog about millionaires shortbread recipe
3. Study GCSE Maths, English and Chemistry
4. Create photo book online
5. Compose a letter to the council with the pictures from our litter picking
6. Bake and decorate a cake for my neices birthday (pressie)
7. Bake and decorate a came for my uncle in laws birthday (pressie)
8. Start writing the recipe/tutorial book

Now with the exception of the studying which is ongoing over the next three and a half months the rest of this needs to be done asap.

I also need to add to these which I haven't mentioned to you yet, so here goes...

9. Start the diet, again!
10. Start my 20 week training
11. Run the Cardiff half marathon
12. Raise sponsorship to go to Scope

Yes my wonderful readers, I have slipped back into old habits and regained 6lbs :( my own fault! So exercise and motivation was needed and so I have signed myself up for the half marathon that takes place in Cardiff on October 14th this year a two days after my 28th birthday. Those of you that know me, and from what you've read for those that don't, I'm sure you'll agree that I'm the last person you would expect to be running, at all, let alone a half marathon! But I have bitten the bullet and signed up.
I must say too - I am so excited!
Here is the site for the run:

The run itself isn't for charity, but I have e-mailed Scope and asked them if I can do it for them to raise some money to help them continue doing the wonderful work they do! In case you missed the post where I talked about them, they are a charity that offer help and support to sufferers of cerebral palsy - like Michael, and their families.
Visit them here:

So my list is ever growing but I am feeling more positive now. I had such a fabulous response from everyone who read post 28. Not only did it uplift but it pushed me on again after I felt a little at a standstill.

I have been pushing with the doctors to get Michael followed ip with and have had an apology and admittance that they were in the wrong and they let Michael slip through the net! So he will have an appointment soon (yey) so we are hopeful for some physio soon. Thank goodness.

Finally for today ibthought I would share with you my training schedule, it's pretty hard going (for me-a couch potato of sorts) but I can't wait to get started!
Here is the PDF site:
Also robs is going to try and do the training and if he enjoys it he's going to sign up too - amazing and makes me so happy!

So I leave you now, and hope that next week I will be able to cross some stuff off my list!

Have a nice weekend lovely readers!
xxx Mrs J xxx

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