Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Number 22

I am coming to you today from a rather sleepy place, but never the less a VERY happy one.

To Start off - an apology for not writing about the Avengers movie yet, it is on my to do list and I will get around to doing it soon - promise, but for now I want to share with you the amazing weekend I had, away in Cardiff - or The 'Diff ans I am affectionately calling it.

Well Friday night was filled with excitement and nerves about leaving so not much sleep occurred, however I woke fresh as a daisy and finished packing. As I left the house my four gorgeous boys stood at the step and waved me off, blowing kisses and shouting messages of love and telling me to behave. Cute. 
We stopped off initially for a McDonald's breakfast - a road trip staple - it was my first one in months so was   happy to be eating it! The traffic was good and we arrived at about 11:00am to the Dexby Townhouse (which is owned by Marie and James Church, Charlotte Churches parents). We were greeted by Brain the manager and shown to our room - it was beautiful. It was stylishly decked out with flat screen TV, gorgeous bathroom suite, beautiful bedding, patio and plenty or storage. Brian was funny and I'm pretty sure though we were more than friends (Elin and I) which was so amusing, and so we cleared it up asap! We unpacked and had a cup of tea and our complimentary penguin, heehee, then off to the centre for shopping.

We walked through a beautiful park next to the castle, which is on the route of the Cardiff marathon too. The weather held up, except the wind, so no overcoats needed.
I am by no means a fitness guru, I don't work out, run, gym, Pilate's or zumba, but I have been known to enjoy it when I take part - Elin on the other hand loves to run. We went to Run and Become - now I had no idea that there were different running styles or techniques, well Elin needed new running shoes so they measured then got her to run up and down outside so they could assess her style (this was much to my amusement - I even took pictures!). They found the perfect ones and off we went. Next door was an authentic comic book shop - just like off The Big Bang Theory - I noticed it on the way to the other shop then completely forgot about it on the way out - so I will have to go back to go there for sure!
Elin took me then to the shopping centre where all the best shops are. It was like combining Swansea, Carmarthen, Tenby and Haverfordwest all into one area, shop wise. I went in so many and yet there was a weeks worth there I didn't even notice! I managed to get a gorgeous dress in the Debenhams sale for a wedding I have in a couple of weeks - YEY, I also managed to pop into the Disney shop and buy the boys some pressies. 


After spending 5 hours shopping and eating (cookies, smoothies) we went back to the hotel in a taxi to primp and prepare for the night ahead.
I had bought before I went up there a jumpsuit - yes I know risky - and I have to say I haven't felt that comfortable or pretty in a very long time. It was a deep purple and a got a 3/4 denim jacket to wear with it - I accessorised with peacock feather earrings and a bangle of the same colouring. Those and my heels and I felt a million dollars - not self conscious or fretful someone would think I looked horrid. I was bang on trend and feeling great.

Off we went to Red Hot Buffet for 7:00pm. Well I can honestly say that I have never been to a restaurant like this one. After being seated you get to go around multiple food stations where you can pick up as much food as you like. There are also stations where you can have dishes made especially for you - noodles, risotto, pasta, Mexican, Indian. It was completely insane, and then once you have finished your plate, the waiters come and remove it and off you go again, as many times as you like. AMAZING! Needless to say I took full advantage - here are some of the things I tried:

Mango cheese tart
Caribbean mango and spinach salad
Crab and cheese stuffed mushroom
Mushroom and chili pasta (made especially for me)
 Crispy duck
Mexican chicken sausage and burger
Stone-baked pizza
Baby potato's marinated in mustard and chives
Brushetta with avocado and sour cream
Slow roast pork with fennel
Lamb kebab
Onion bhaji's
Vegetable samosa
Spring roll

I know this sounds like lots, but almost everything was available as bite sized pieces (although I did have several helpings of certain things). Desserts was a place of absolute heaven. I had a plate with bite sized morsels of 4 different cheesecakes, chocolate and mango mousses, orange sponge cake (the best I have ever tasted) and i can't remember what else. Unbelievable - and all of this is only a fraction of what was available. In total there were well over 150 different dishes. Needless to say I think everyone should go as often a possible - and for £15 you can't go wrong - please go and check out the menu here.

The Old Library was on our hit list next - for a sit down and some drinks - was lovely in there and much bigger than I thought it was going to be! Cheap too.

Tiger Tiger club was our final stop (unfortunately no hunky welsh rugby men to stare at - heehee) - now the dancing and music was brilliant, but the drinks prices wee outrageous - £16 for two. needless to say we had one each. We spent most of our time upstairs in the 60's and 70's disco, grooving along to some classic tunes.

I had such a wonderful time - and Elin is fabulous for coming with me and showing me such a wonderful time. We even called in to McArthur Glen Outlet Shopping Centre on the way back for a spot of extra shopping and munching - did you know there is a Cadbury shop? I was in heaven and bought a handbag full, heehee. 

I missed the boys so much, but felt renewed and so happy when I got home - straight back into mum mode with ease and did the washing up. 

We are planning to go back soon but with our other halves so they can enjoy it too.

So there you have it, probably a bit too much information, but I could of gone on and on, trust me. I'll be back soon and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.


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