Thursday, 10 May 2012

Number 26

A day later than promised, and rather short but sweet I'm afraid!

This blog comes to you from my IPhone as alas there has been a death in the family... My laptop. Losing him, sadly, at the young age of 18 months came as a shock to me, I refused to believe it - begging the doctors (tech support lol) to save him, but alas it wasn't possible, so here I sit, finger tapping on my trusty iPhone.

Hehehe in all honesty I am gutted, but hopefully will have another in a few weeks time, once I've saved up a bit.

I promised you a second craft blog so here it is - button letter frames.

A few months back I purchased a bagful of buttons in various shades if cream, green and blue (the same colored as my boys room will be once decorated) with the purpose of making a collage of sorts fir their bedroom door.

Last night I got to gluing and cutting and finally finished this price, and here is how to do it (apologies for lack of photos, but glue, I phone, buttons and me would of ended in something more than likely being stuck to my head!).

You will need:
A block photo frame (so that the buttons have room to stack)
150/250 buttons in assorted sizes and styles
PVA glue

1. Start by printing a very pale grey letter centrally on a piece of paper the same size as the frame.
2. Cover the letter with a thin layer of PVA - don't worry if it goes over the lines, it will dry clear.
3. Start sticking the larger buttons all over the letter.
4. Stick smaller buttons to fill in the gaps.
5. To cover the remaining gaps apply a layer of PVA onto the back of the final buttons and stick on top of the already stuck buttons, doing it evenly to ensure it looks good.
6. Allow to dry and then frame.

It's simple but extremely effective I think. The boys thought it was cool too!!

Right signing off now, but will be back with two recipes next time - double chocolate chip cookies and millionaires shortbread.

Hugs and hopes that your technology ( unlike mine) doesn't fail you!!

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