Thursday, 13 September 2012

Number Six - Birthday Bonanza

Hi all, 

Yesterday was Mr J's birthday, and unfortunately he had to spend it in work but the brief time we had in the morning and evening together I tried to make as special as possible.

I woke him up to bacon sandwiches and a homemade latte before he went to work (this may not seem like a big deal but I hate getting up early and had to get up at 6:00am to do it), I made him a lunch, but only a small one as I knew he was working close to McDonald's so I gave him £10 to go and treat himself to whatever he fancied.

After he had gone I then took to twitter to try and get some celebs to tweet birthday messages to him, I managed to get quite a few, well five.

Paul Daniels (the magician) tweeted: HB2U Rob :)
Nigel Owens (best rugby referee ever) tweeted: Hey Rob I hear it's your birthday, have a great day and best wishes
Bill Goldberg (robs favorite US wrestler) tweeted: Happy Birthday Rob
Rhian 'Madam Rygbi' Davies (welsh rugby reporter on the Jonathon Show) Tweeted: 'Penblwydd Hapus Robs!!! Gobeithio ges ti diwrnod awesome!!! :D xxx'
which translates as: Happy Birthday Robs!!! Hope you had an awesome Day!!! :D xxx
Gareth Thomas (ex international rugby player for Wales, the Lions and Cardiff Blues) tweeted: Happy Birthday!!

I think this cements my status as the best wife ever! Heehee.

Pressie wise this year the hubster needed new trowels, so I got those and then decided to get him something he didn't need but would want - that's what birthday's are for after all! I managed to get my hands on two front row center tickets for the Scarlet's (his team) Vs Ospreys Rugby match on the 21st of September :) Needless to say he was super chuffed! I had arranged also for Mathew to phone him on his birthday - he's still at camp - but unfortunately the call never came :( I'm just hoping it's because he forgot rather than them not letting him, he'd be sad then!

When he came home I had his fav supper ready - Chicken Enchiladas - and I had baked his favourite cake - Pineapple Upside Down Cake (normal sponge recipe but in the tray grease it and cover with a layer of soft brown sugar, then pineapple rings and top with the mix), we watched a movie and then as a treat in bed i made him a bowl of cereal - the ultimate luxury according to him! heehee. Little things eh!


P.S Congratulations to Robert's Uncle Dorian and his fiancee Sarah - they have set a date and are getting married next year! 

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