Saturday, 14 April 2012

Number 20

It feels like so long since I have spoken to you! Ha! I know it's only been 7 days but still... did you miss me?
We are almost at the end of the boys Easter Holidays from school, and I have been found it really difficult to do things with them - my depression has been lurking more in the forefront of my mind this last week, which is just horrid, but After doing my finances the other day it has started to rescind back into the vast depths of my odd little brain. This past weekend (a four day weekend, woohoo) I have enjoyed having Robs home from work and we have managed to do some cracking  things with the kiddies.
Friday was spent watching movies, playing games and generally having a lazy day. We all very much needed it and have unwound sufficiently so be able to put our best feet forward in this new term that is upon us.
Saturday was spent working in the garden first thing and then off to visit my bestie and Robs sister Elin and her gorgeous boys for the afternoon/evening. This in itself is relaxing (Five kids all together I hear you cry - why yes!), as the five of them get on so well we barely hear from them at all. It is so lovely that they are so close and love spending time together, then home to trashy telly and cuddles on the sofa. Oh, also as a side note when we came home, we checked on our menagerie of animals and discovered that Stanley the slow worm had escaped from his vivarium and was no where to be seen (and trust me we searched everywhere), so an uneasy sleep followed.
On Easter Sunday, the lovely Easter bunny paid us a visit and gifted lots of treats to the boys (none to me, he knew I was being extra good) including Easter mugs, eggs, chocolate bars, lolly's, pencils, rubbers and the DVD of Hop - if you haven't seen this you must, I would have to give it 4stars, and it is a classic to watch at Easter. As we all sat down to out lunch Stanley appeared in the middle of the hallway slithering along the carpet, Stanley was quickly picked up hugged tightly with relief from the boys, and my tummy ache disappeared. I then dashed off to our local town to purchase a better vivarium than my home-made one to ensure he doesn't escape again. He is now happily re-homed with as many worms as he can eat, a plant for climbing, a log to bask on and hide under and a little pool for water. Needless to say he is a spoilt little slow worm! I bumped into Robs aunt, Nan and Datcu (welsh for grandad) while I was out so promised to round up the troops and descend on them for a long overdue visit that afternoon. Not before though, going to visit my mum and the boys having even more chocolate. Visiting robs family was wonderful - Olwena (his aunt) lives in the Cayman Islands so seeing her is a little geographically challenged, but she happened to be over for a visit - excellent timing - and we spent about 2 hours catching up and looking through old photographs. The boys fell in love her, and my little Mo became best friends with his great granddad, they were all spoilt too with as much ginger beer, milk, chocolate biscuits and welsh cakes as they could stomach. We left late after taking about 50 new photos to mark the occasion and the boys are desperate to go over again soon.

Monday was spent as a family day. We decided to take the children out - it was again raining and they are fed up of being in doors - to the cinema - Theatr Mwldan in Cardigan. We saw The Muppets and all of us loved it, we left singing the Mahna Mahna song and wanting to buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD - we saw first hand why Jason Segal got an Academy Award nomination for the music! We then went out for dinner to the Toby Carvery, which we all love, and were even given complimentary ice-cream sundae's! Home then for some r&r. 
Tuesday Robs was back at work (sob), so Mum and I took the boys to the Dinosaur Park in Tenby - and it was wonderful. All the rides are free with the entry fee (this was not the case 2 years ago, and cost a fortune) so they were able to go on so many things over and over. We did a long dinosaur walk and every time the boys found a Dino they would act out scenes for my to take with the camera - very very funny! It was so warm too which was lovely, I even got burnt! hehe.

The rest of the week has been spent just doing housework, playing and keeping the boys busy until Tuesday next week when they go back to school I have planned so much for the future over this 2 weeks to I can't wait to share it with you, so will get right on to it as soon as I have five minutes, or ten... maybe 30.

I hope you have had a nice break and enjoyed reading what appears to be more of a diary entry than a blog, sorry about that, and I will be back asap with another, more bloggish - promise!

TTFN xxx

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