Sunday, 14 October 2012

Number Eleven - 21 Again!

Hi everyone :) 

Thanks for checking back again! So I have had a busy old week and I have family updates too - YEY!!

So first off 'The Hubster' and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Monday - yey for us, and as our tradition dictates every year instead of getting each other gifts we buy something together for the house, so we have picked out a nice new black circular sink and a new black worktop for the kitchen - I'm excited for them to get here - our kitchen will really look like it's ours then! Did you know that traditionally the 7th anniversary gifts are copper or wool? Random right!

Wednesday cam around and meant we had to take Michael to his first physio appointment - he did really well and they gave us some great exercises for him to do to hopefully strengthen the muscles in his legs and arms, and relieve some of the tension in the ones that are struggling, hopefully alleviating some of the pain he's in. She was a lovely lady and very impressed with Michael - she also mentioned that she thought he could be a great paralympian when he's older - he was ecstatic!! We have to go back every 6/8 weeks to check on his progress and change up the exercises a bit - he is already looking forward to it.

Friday brought around my birthday - 21 again - and to start it off I went to see my mum who treated my to a nice brekkie, followed by pressies - I now have a 'Keep Calm and Log onto Facebook' pink travel mug, and a 'You Are My Sunshine' sign (I blogged about wanting it previously here) so I was super chuffed. We then went to see my Nanna who was a little poorly, but still on form - she even sang me the You Are My Sunshine song - which just made the pressie all the more special. I went to see Robs for lunch (Big Tasty - Yum) and then back to the boys school to take Michael to see Mr Price his orthopedic surgeon, who doesn't think there is anything he can do to help until Michael is around 10, and then the only thing he can do is to cut the bones and reset them - Michael looked a little scared but hopefully with physio we may be able to avoid that. After Rugby in the evening My mum came over to babysit and Robs took me out to dinner - AMAZING, and I even indulged and had a couple of cocktails, heehee - the added bonus to being on the minimum dose of antidepressants is now I can drink again! YEY!!

Saturday was the best, Robs continued my birthday celebrations by letting me have a lie in (till eleven!!) and woke me up with breakfast in bed, which the boys shared, then before we headed out we called Uncle Eric and I introduced everyone to him - the boys loved talking to him and he and Robs got on really well - they share a love of rugby!

 The boys then took me shopping for my birthday presents. Halfords was our first stop and I was instructed to pick out a new D.A.B digital radio CD player with iPod/iPhone compatibility - I'm a bit of a geek and love my gadgets - and so I told Robs the ones I liked, we checked stock and spec and found two that were perfect for the job - after grilling the sales clerk it eventually came down to which one was prettiest - LOL - and when he showed me the fold down function for the CD entry I was sold, yes I may be a geek but I am also a girl! I am sooooo chuffed with it - I can listen to all my mp3's, my iTunes albums and podcast's  loads of different radio stations on D.A.B, FM, LW and MW and I can plug in USB devices too - oh and they charge!! Anyhoo I love it, then we went to the Apple shop to get a new cable which means I can finally use my iPhone to it's full potential again - yes! I was also treated to lunch at KFC - my first ever, and it was lush, I couldn't believe the queues though, we queued outside of the restaurant  and the drive through ha at least 30 if not 40 cars waiting! Very popular!

So a good week I'd say! Now onto the family update :D

My 'Auntie' Cherryl (actually a cousin) is so completely amazing when it comes to finding family members - how exactly I have no idea, but she is amazing at it. Anyway - my mum sat me down on my birthday to tell me that Cherryl had managed to find my brother - and he had another little boy (so I have another Nephew) and I was able to speak to his mum yesterday, she is lovely, and is setting it up for me to speak to my nephew this evening! I can't wait. Mum has sent a letter to my brother so I am reeeeeeeally hoping to get a response  although I would completely understand if I don't get one. So I was on cloud nine knowing we had found him, but then today... Cherryl came up trumps again and found my sister - I even have a phone number for her!! She has at least four if not five sons (more nephews YES!!!!) and I have been trying together her all day, but alas she has been out (I have spoken to my nephews though, not that they know it!!) and so I will try again this evening, she was at 'the stables' when I called the last time, I wonder if she has a horse? :D 

So I actually have my brother and sister, and know where they are! Amazing right - I just hope they want to speak to me, again it is understandable if not, I mean dad left them, but fingers crossed they can see past that and will let me love them the way I want to so badly - even if not though I still have my new nephew (bro's son) and can;t wait to meet him soon - Him and Mathew re going to get on like a house on fire, they both love mine-craft  and he is happy for me to send him pressies at Christmas and birthdays - oh and he's 13 :) His mum sent me an up to date picture of him last night - he's a strapping lad, and funnily enough looks like me :) hehehehe :) I am ridiculously excited to get all this finally sorted an in place. I promise to update once I have spoken to my sister, and hopefully had a response from my brother!

Lots of smiles to you all :) 

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