Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Number 1

Welcome to my blog!

I am quite new to this, well writing one. I follow lots and love to read what others have been doing and are enjoying! You could say I am a voyeur of blogs... until now :)

So, 48 hours ago (roughly), I had an appointment at the doctors to have the dreaded yearly 'lady test', well this turned into a full blown health MOT by my lovely nurse and resulted in discovering a few problems that may start affecting me badly if not fixed.

Time for a change!

Here we all are - Me, Plus Six!
e="text-ali"font-family: My husband and I

My husband and I

Morgan, Mathew and Michael


Fudge and Donut

All this busy-ness has lead to me not really eating very well, snacking on rubbish, not exercising regularly, not getting enough sleep and generally being a lazy chocolate eating lump!

So I am changing, all be it slowly, for the better. I thought I would document this change, as well as showing you all about my life and loves through this blog. So hold on to your hats, I don't think it's going to be completely plain sailing, but I can assure you there will be laughter, fun, info and gorgeous pictures of my kids and dogs so make sure you keep you checking back!


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